Continuing thru COVID19

These Are Strange Times
Thankfully The Internet
Gives Us All A Lifeline

This period of forced isolation is making everyone think differently about how we live day to day. Already for many the internet has provided a means of communication with the world yet most interactions are still carried out face to face. No longer.

This page will update with the ongoing situation

We have provided  for 20 years internet based services, from remote management and virtual assistant to telephony, as well as web development and digital design. Now it is time to move areas such as training and IT support online too (a shame as we particularly enjoyed the human interaction). Continue reading “Continuing thru COVID19”

Marketing your business takes time and commitment. When you start you have the time but once established it becomes a chore, like the accounts etc.

Ask yourself: 

Am I earning more per hour working than I could pay someone else?

Page content, latest news, products for sale, site and plugin management and updates, contact details etc.

Including HTML static websites that require hand coding and formatting.

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2017 Office Move


The exact move date is still uncertain but still likely to happen in 2018 – we’ll keep this page updated

We are saddened to announce the time is finally here and we must leave our base in NW3 after nearly 30 years. Some of you will know this has been on the cards for the last 12 months it is now pretty much inevitable before Xmas.

We apologise in advance – there will be quite a lot of disruption to usual activities, and hope the inconvenience to you will be minimal.

Be assure however, we will continue our regular training and support visits to the area as per the usual schedule (see our call out changes announcement).

As has never been about our postcode we wont be changing our name 😉