WordPress Hosting

When you purchase a hosting package from us, we provide you with a complete WordPress installation for you to create a website or blog. You can have full control as administrator and, within the T&Cs, you may do anything (legal) you like with it .. e-commerce sites and those requiring more demanding services are charged at higher rates: please ask.

For a managed solution, we keep the administration rights but the client is still fully capable of creating new content and editing pages whenever they want. Managed solutions mean we look after the administration, its what you pay us to do for you, so you can focus on the content.

We maintain business class server services around the world to ensure reliable and continuous site delivery.

If you have special service needs we will personally set up more dedicated services for you, though these will come at higher cost.

Providing the hosting platform for you enables us to have direct access to your site frameworks, and this enables us to carry out preventative works and repairs to your installation.