Hosting & Support

We provide a range of hosting and support services whether you are experienced and want total control, or someone who, frankly, doesn’t have the time, but needs a website

WordPress Hosting

When you purchase a hosting package from us, we provide you with a complete WordPress installation for you to create a website or blog. You can have full control as administrator and, within the T&Cs, you may do anything (legal) you like with it .. read more

Supporting You

Even for reasonably seasoned bloggers, moving, setting up sites and expanding can be a daunting task – we are here to help, whether it be with technical support or training. Most packages come with support .. read more


All support packages provided with hosting include training as an option – when you call you have only to ask for training rather than technical site support .. read more

Payments & Subscriptions

Traditionally purchasing a website involved making one, two or three payments before it would be signed over and go live. Indeed this is still the normal way larger sites are started, subsequently moving onto subscriptions for the running and ongoing support.

Most of our packages are available as simple monthly payments, divide the total by 12, add a bit for the additional costs. More about this will be added shortly

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