Supporting You

What do we mean by support?

Even for reasonably seasoned bloggers, moving, setting up sites and expanding can be a daunting task – we are here to help, whether it be with technical support or training. Most packages come with support, it does not matter how you wish to use it, it’s up to you:

  • for site set up
  • programming new or changing functionality
  • design modification
  • images or graphic creation or manipulation
  • editorial (co-writing) support
  • training
  • completely managing your site
  • new or rebuilt websites – see more ..

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  • A seasoned blogger or WordPress user, perhaps coming from another WordPress installation and have a complete site backup, you may not need any support at all. Just the sign in details and simple hosting
  • New to WordPress and you would like everything set up for you, maybe a little customisation and a basic introduction, the S6 package gets the ball rolling
  • Shop owners or restaurants, perhaps only a simple site to help customers with the essentials: about your business, contact details, a map, opening hours, latest offers, etc. The starter S6 and you’re visible to the world, yet able to grow when you need it
  • A small trader busy doing business can have little time to maintain and develop their site. Updating us by phone or email and we carry out the necessary changes.
    Although the S6 package will get you up and running, the S12 is better for regular updates or a custom arrangement if you need more
  • The entrepreneur wants to launch a new idea, or rebuild a current siteSee how we manage larger projects

Purchase Support
See All Pricing

All support packages last the same 12 months of the hosting period and may be used piecemeal at any time during this period. For example, this could mean on an S6, 3 hours set up and introduction and an hour here and there over the remainder of the year, making 6 hours in total. Similarly for S12. Support is consumed in 30 minute portions.

Complete Site Management

Focusing on business can leave little time for marketing and updating publicity – let us help and out-source the hassle to us. It could be less expensive than you think – how much is your time worth to you?

Extra support, perhaps regularly every week or month, is be tailored for your needs separately as special a package. This could be in the form of a monthly maintenance retainer (ie. regular hours at a better rate than S12), perhaps regular site updates and management where we run the site on your behalf.