Building Your Site

We still build websites from scratch and customise or modernise already established websites. New websites or changes that are unique to your needs. These are larger projects and the work is bespoke to you.

Running a Large Project

The way these projects are managed has changed in the last 10 or so years. In days of yore a proposal would be based upon a client’s brief, developed, tested and signed off. Once the brief is agreed, that is what is quoted for. Big projects with a big price tag. Modification and testing costs may be included, or billed separately. A couple of small modifications are sometimes included, more often quoted as ‘extras’. As are client caused delays. Many would have support packages to extend the project as it grew and developed, eliminating the problem with change orders.

This puts a large burden on all involved, developers work under financial pressure whilst the client has to keep up with unfamiliar technology and takes a hard financial hit at the end.

Assuming all goes well. And the original brief was correct and complete

Staging development and payments can help, though not always the answer. Projects can fail for many reasons, expectations not being met, or clients running out of passion or money. Entire agencies have gone out of business before completion whilst the client chases funding. This works for no-one. The road to hell is paved with good intentions etc. ..

Being Prepared

One of the most common cause of project delays is, wait for it, the client not actually ready to start .. do you have everything the developers need? Now? Images, text, price lists – all final versions.

Remember, developers can only build based on what you tell them, and with the materials you provide. Assumptions fill gaps, but they are can be far from ideal

It is extremely rare for a client to arrive with a complete project brief, i’s dotted, etc. Every project invariably changes as it takes form and gains polish.

A common misconception is the client pays piecemeal for each part of the project. This may work for small projects, if the developer will go along with it. No larger project (think: building a house) works this way when you are employing workmen for a custom task. For a finished object (eg. a spoon), you take it or leave it – someone else can buy it. It is not made for you, you do not set the price.

Manual labour of all sorts, and particularly bespoke work, is based primarily on time, and then materials. Every modification takes more resources, even if only in time. Workers waiting for materials to arrive still expect to be paid (for their time). How often do such projects overrun their budgets?

An Alternative Approach

Our service packs keep you in control of the project, step by step. Websites, as any business venture, need to be project managed, breaking tasks down into discrete activities, periods of time, often aligning with cash flow. Buying blocks of development and consultation time lets you mange the timescale in a way that suits you.

  • develop the concept as it grows from an idea to a real working business
  • get help with ideas, advice as to what is possible
  • easily make changes as ideas become reality
  • spread the financial commitment, over weeks or months
  • your resources (images, etc.) are no longer required in advance, move forward when you are ready
  • pay only for the time you want now
  • safe knowing the development team is supported and working with you
  • you control every stage, start, stop, pause

Only buy what you are ready for!
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