Boutique Web Sites

Boutique sites are normal websites but smaller and simpler:  often only one page long, maybe two. The content is invariably static and the details may not need updating for many years.

Boutique sites are also known as brochure, or web-card sites as they mimic business cards and brochures or flyers, but online.

They are ideal for promoting a small business that only needs a web presence to tell the world what they do and where they are. Many small high street businesses, from laundries to plumbers can promote themselves simply and at minimal expense. Excepting custom built boutique sites, most can be upgraded to full WordPress installations quickly and with minimal changes in the overall appearance.

We build and manage boutique sites that look like much larger sites, but being small, they do not require the more costly resources of a full WordPress website. See the pricings page or ask for a special deal!