No app for the computer?

Computers are not like phones and tablets, although are similar Apps are created for mobile devices to add functionality whilst overcoming the problem with small touch screens So many apps do not have their equivalent […]

#Apple rejecting #opensource coded apps from #appstore without reason #ulteo

Here is the edited extract from an email received today. It certainly looks like they aren’t interested in the factual situation, but will heavy-handedly take a swipe at anything that could be perceived as a risk.

But I guess this is a symptom of any large company, once it has out-grown its ability to see the person, instead seeing just the customer.

For some reason Android/ Google Play hasn’t been affected.

Early 2012, we published our first Ulteo OVD Active
Client for the Apple iPad, quickly gaining a significant
following of Ulteo mobile users

For the early development of the iPad client we chose to
use FreeRDP libs (v. 0.9) from the popular FreeRDP
project. Subsequently, a software company raised a GPL
violation issue relating to the use of these (now
superceded) libraries and requested that Apple remove
the Ulteo OVD client for iOS from AppStore which, they
claimed, included traces of their registered but now,
out-dated code.

Earlier, the FreeRDP project addressed the copyright
issue by removing the few identified copyrighted lines of
source code and had since released a complete, stable
version of its libs, published under an Apple App Store
compatible license.

Following requests from Apple, Ulteo engineers
immediately migrated the client source to the latest
stable FreeRDP code-base and after testing, released a
compliant, high-quality, stable iPad active client.
This was published on the App Store on April 28th, 2013.

Unfortunately, Apple decided to unilaterally remove our
application from the Apple App Store
, disregarding the
withdrawal of the copyright action.

We are very disappointed by Apple’s decision and are
actively exploring all legal and technical options to
resolve this matter and we hope it will be back soon.

Be sure to check out our great HTML5 OVD (zero-install!)
client and our OVD active client for Android
(available on Google Play) – enabling platforms around
the world!

#Yahoo closes down development projects #Blackberry

Yahoo axes apps in wide-ranging product shutdown – Internet giant confirms seven products to be binned as part of “spring clean”.

Yahoo is ending seven products, including its mobile app for Blackberry smartphones, as if copying from Google’s Playbook by eliminating unsuccessful products (that’s unsuccessful to them, not us of course).

“The most critical question we ask is whether the experience is truly a daily habit that still resonates for all of you today,” wrote Jay Rossiter, Yahoo’s executive vice president of Platforms.

– reduce the 60 to 75 disparate mobile apps it currently has to a more manageable 12 to 15 apps.

app for Blackberry smartphones would no longer be available for download, or supported by Yahoo, as of 1 April.

stop supporting Yahoo Avatars on 1 April.
The cartoon-like digital characters on web services such as Yahoo instant messenger and Facebook
Download the avatar and then re-upload the information to their personalised Yahoo profile.

– products set to be terminated include Yahoo App Search, Yahoo Sports IQ, Yahoo Clues, the Yahoo Message Boards website and the Yahoo Updates API.

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