Free talk on continuing the use of XP & the alternatives

Primrose Hill Community Centre, Hopkinson’s Place, Fitzroy Rd, NW1 8TN

Wednesday April 30, 2.30pm

To discuss: how to keep older machines with XP running well, and well into the future

Details to follow …

Here you are

How East #London could flood without the Thames Barrier #osm

Hacked together image-map of what would happen to (east) London should the flood defences fail – the blue bit would get a little wet 😉

Obviously the flood damage would extend significantly west, but that information isn’t shown in the article

I liked the satellite image showing the flooding, but couldn’t really get my bearings – so mashed it with some openstreetmap.org love for the map data

The barrier, built in 1982 on the Thames on the eastern side of the capital at Woolwich, was designed to protect 48 sq miles (125 sq km) of central London from flooding caused by tidal surges.

At the moment, with so much rainfall travelling down the Thames, there is a danger during high tide that the extra water will be pushed back up river by the sea and cause flooding in the capital and to the west.

To prevent this, the barrier has been used at record levels, says Eamonn Forde, one of its controllers. It has closed 28 times since 6 December. This represents one fifth of all the closures – about 150 – since it was inaugurated.

See the original BBC article ..

There’s a nice simple explanation of what the Thames Flood Barrier does and how it works

Underground and bus fares freeze? Only for some

Underground and bus fares freeze? Only for some



Royal Horse Artillery revisit St Johns Wood: pictures

30313031being lead by Major-General George Pemberton Ross Norton CBE, General Officer Commanding London District and Major-General commanding the Household Division.
One for the ladies:
30353036303730383039304030413042Full/edited copies available on request (bone fide only)

It’s been a year since the King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery left their old barracks in St. John’s Wood, London for pastures new and they made a welcome return visit today, to much appreciation from the locals.
[- sorry, tumblr app made a mess of the pictures: had to reload -]

Totally unexpectedly, had the great pleasure of meeting some of these guys & gals at a civic event in Southwark.

Home #printing Vs. paying for professional work

sure a small print run is easily done at home:
the question is, if it is inkjet, it wont be rain-resistant. Important for posters that will be exposed to the elements. It used to be a problem only in the winter, ha, ha.

Laser is not so affected but professional dye printing is pretty much immune to water ingress. Obviously not a problem when used indoors.

Professional printing probably costs not that much more than home printing, the average real cost of producing full page full colour prints is still high if you do a lot of them (heavy weight or coated paper costs a fortune, even at trade), and changing/buying inks can cause heart-attacks. Just think about changing all 4 colour cartridges in a laser printer! You’d be lucky to have change from £100.

For volume printing, even 50+, pro printing is almost certainly cheaper. And there might be beneficial options available, double sided, gloss finish, edging/ cutting, etc.

Delivery costs, or having to go out to the print shop could be disadvantageous though: it’s not as convenient as doing it at home.

And some printers dont like short runs – we are more flexible.

Regarding laminating, the other common water-proof method.
I prefer the idea of water resistant printing, then affixing the poster to heavy (recycled?) cardboard to make stiff – really dont like lamination .. To use lamination for eco/ green/ environment organisations work seems so ironic to me, but we’ve done it as we can do 300mm width*, but it doesnt seem quite right.

Another alternative is a reusable plastic sleeve, taped closed.

*(specialty lamination to 210mm width only: banner, adhesive, magnetic, etc.)

Business card printing offer 500 @ £59 delivered

@whampstead @swiss_cottage @InPrimroseHill

h3 {margin: 15px 0px -5px -8px;}
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The Offer Details

500 credit-card sized, heavy-weight business cards, 400gsm, in full colour delivered to your door in office hours for £59 inclusive – just supply your own artwork. See ‘How To Order’ for ordering simple cards.

The normal price for this type of printing is £89, but we like to be able to run offers whenever we can.

Included delivery covers parts of these postcode areas, the approximate boundaries as shown in the map. Please ask if you live outside, everything’s possible.

  • NW1: Camden Town, Chalk Farm, Regent’s Park
  • NW3: Hampstead, Belsize, Swiss Cottage
  • NW6: Kilburn, Queens Park, West Hampstead
  • NW8: St John’s Wood
  • Delivery in 7-14 days

    – choose your delivery time, 11am – 7pm, and we’ll do our best

    – delivery only, no collection. Please ensure someone is in to take receipt
  • How To Order

  • you supply all artwork (see Artwork Specifications)
  • email the artwork with your details (name, delivery address, land-line number and mobile number) to printingoffer[at]nw3.biz. We will use this email address for all correspondence

  • If you wish to order simple name/address business cards, please specify and supply the details you want on the card. Indicate the font (eg. Times New Roman, Arial, Georgia, etc.). A mock-up in Word, or picture of something similar would be very helpful. This service attracts an additional £15 fee and must still be possible to be completed within the time constraints. You will be sent a sample image of the card: you then confirm your order and make payment.

    Please ask about double sided printing or any other special requirements.

    Artwork Specifications

  • artwork/document/page size: 91mm x 61mm. The final cut card is 85mm x 55mm.
  • there is a 3mm margin (bleed area) that cannot contain any content: this area is cut off, but use this area if you want a colour or image background to go to the card edge

    – it is recommended not to put any text less than 3mm from the edge of the cut card

    – for simple card designs, just make the documents margins 6mm (0.6cm) all round
  • if possible, your file should be created in CMYK colour format to ensure the most accurate colour reproduction. We can accept RGB files, but there is a risk that some of the colours may not print exactly as they appear on your screen
  • files should be in JPEG, EPS, TIFF or PDF format. Please ensure DCS is not selected. TIFF and JPEG files should be saved with no compression. Resolution should be 300dpi or greater
  • designs created in Microsoft Word or Publisher are not of adequate quality and will need to be converted. We will attempt to do this for you but it is important that you ensure your file is the correct size before sending it to us. There is no charge for this service
  • if you have an area of solid black within your document, 100% black (K) alone will not result in a solid, saturated black. Instead, please use Rich Black, as represented by C:100% / M:30% / Y:30% / K:100%
  • your file should not contain any cutting/trim marks, printers marks or similar as these will be printed on your cards. Very fine text, rules and keylines should be avoided
  • Notes & Payments

  • offer expires at 5pm September 21 (Friday) 2012
    the artwork and the order must be completed/signed off by this time, or there is no guarantee it will be processed. Your order may be processed at any time within 48 hours
  • if the artwork is not acceptable for printing, we may, depending on available time, offer to finalise the artwork for you: this service costs from £15 and will be explained to you prior to you making payment
  • on our acceptance of the order, you will receive a Paypal link by email, where you can pay using Paypal or major cards (you do not need an account)
  • once payment is made and the order accepted no changes or refunds for any reason can be made (exceptions below). You are ordering a bespoke product and there is no ‘cooling off ’ period
  • orders that cannot be processed within the manufacturing deadlines, or at our discretion, will be cancelled and a full refund of any monies paid issued via Paypal. E&OE
  • for failed delivery we reserve the right (optional, at our discretion) to charge a £5 redelivery fee – please email us asap if you need to reschedule