First Job: Signing in

I hear this often from people just starting their new web/ blogging online career “I’ve got my site up, how do I add things?

Using the meta panel

the meta panel widget
the meta panel widget
Its not as daft as it might look to us dyed-in-the-web fogeys. Not all themes have the ‘meta’ widget panel active, and not everyone looks for it or can find it.

The first entry ‘Site Admin‘ is the one to use, log in with the credentials you were give by your web manager, or the user details you chose when you setup the WordPress install. Our clients normally set the installs up themselves, but we will do it for them on the full support packages.

You dont have to use the admin panel, many consider it a security weakness (there is some debate over this). Why not follow the Site Admin link and bookmark the login page you get to? It will be something like this:

Cant find the meta panel?

Sometimes its not there, or you cant see it – no worries. Look at the link above, it ends ‘/wp-admin/‘ [the underline is just for stressing content]. Load up your website and try adding this (exactly as written) to the end of the website address to make it look like above. Viola.

Now you can log in and get writing!