Continuing thru COVID19

These Are Strange Times
Thankfully The Internet
Gives Us All A Lifeline

This period of forced isolation is making everyone think differently about how we live day to day. Already for many the internet has provided a means of communication with the world yet most interactions are still carried out face to face. No longer.

This page will update with the ongoing situation

We have provided  for 20 years internet based services, from remote management and virtual assistant to telephony, as well as web development and digital design. Now it is time to move areas such as training and IT support online too (a shame as we particularly enjoyed the human interaction).

Clearly there are few things around the web site delivery, bespoke online development, domain and hosting and management services that will be impacted.

Online payments will be improved and we do use contactless payments when out and about. Our retail locations, for emergencies and drop-off/collect, will centre around north Ealing, but include Primrose Hill area also.

Lets look at some of the other examples. You will see that combining online resources with telephone (or email) support can be very effective. It will however take a little time to roll out all these changes.

Training has always been provided under our Springstep brand. Established over 15 years ago to provide online materials to our college and university students, this is being updated to cater for beginners and above. Training by telephone or Skype, etc, as well as by email is being rolled out. More details will appear on that website (link above).

IT Support can be done over the phone, by email or sometimes remote access. Clearly this is not easy and requires understanding and teamwork! Security is always an important consideration. Where repairs are needed collection/ delivery should be possible.

Virtual Assistant, eg. executive assistant or secretarial duties, will become more focused and range from managing online publicity and email to producing documents (letters, CVs, proofreading etc.), spreadsheets and presentations. This is in addition to producing promotional materials such as business cards and leaflets etc. Sadly we are unable to provide simple printing services.

Initially we will focus on supporting our current clients rather than advertising for new ones. Although no one would be turned away in an hour of need, it will be important to hone our service delivery by working with a smaller number of valued clients.

It is worth remembering that any of us could be suddenly and severely affected by the illness, and it is hoped will receive full understanding under the circumstances.