Registering on Websites

Why Register? Registration gives you access to facilities not available to non-members. Much of internet activity is like browsing a shop window, you’re just looking – it’s not until you go in and buy something […]

Making Payments Online

This article focuses on making payments safely to us online, using PayPal to process the payment. Your payment could be made online using a PayPal transfer (like a bank transfer) or by using your credit/ […]

Disappearing newsletters?

Gmail sometimes puts them into social, news or spam folders (hopefully not the latter) On your phone, folders are accessed by touching the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner (touch again to hide […]

No app for the computer?

Computers are not like phones and tablets, although are similar Apps are created for mobile devices to add functionality whilst overcoming the problem with small touch screens So many apps do not have their equivalent […]

Studying thru COVID19

These Are Strange Times Thankfully The Internet Gives Us All A Lifeline This period of forced isolation is making everyone think differently about how we live day to day. Already for many the internet has […]