Wanna Crypto Worm 2017

WannaCrypt ransomware worm, aka WanaCrypt, Wanna Crypt0r or Wcry has crippled Windows systems in at least 74 countries, from government departments to local butchers. At the moment it appears there are up to 16 NHS health trusts taken out by the malware, FedEx in the US, Telefonica and Santander in Spain, Scottish Power and Germany’s rail system. The Russian Federation has been particularly hard hit. Continue reading “Wanna Crypto Worm 2017”

Call Out Fees

We don’t like call out charges, they’re messy and seem like an extra. So we have only added them where serious expenses have been incurred.
Life changes, we travel to different locations more often, further afield and back again. It’s something we have to reconsider, but it will still not be an extra.

Here’s the plan, note there is no change to standard hourly rates. Continue reading “Call Out Fees”